Art of Tea Co. is a B2B tea company that creates profitable, much-coveted tea blends for restaurants, hotels, spas, and resorts. Our partners want their clients talking about them. As much as we are in the tea business, our real business is to create more reasons for your clients to walk in your doors, to choose you over your competition, and leave sharing their memories and experiences with the world. We just happen to accomplish that over a cup of authentic tea. This fundamental B2B business model has made us the leading business serving tea brand across the US.

Our tea blends have plenty of sips for them,
and profits for you.

Original & Inspiring

Imagine sitting in Kashmir in January under a clear star-lit night. You feel a sharp breeze, and a local tea expert hands you his best tea – Kashmiri Chai.

#Memories #ArtofTeaCo

A sip of tradition and culture makes tea art.

Drinking Art


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We help businesses, organizations, and individuals
around North America to develop and grow their business,
tea knowledge, and bottom line over tea.

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