Art of Tea Co. began with a vision of a husband and wife team, Umair Ibrahim & Sumayya Baig who are constantly world curious travels excited to share their experience of authentic culture, history and tradition in the modern world context, the company Art of Tea Co. were born.

With a simple sip so authentic, they have uniquely created a taste of culture, history, and tradition which they call the Art of Tea.


Umair Ibrahim & Sumayya Baig coming from humble families but rich history and cultures enjoy sitting down and breaking bread with locals and family. After a period of traveling and learning much about the staple special tea of different cultures they finally started their company The Art of Tea Co. in the famous mile-high city; Denver Colorado.
In a short period, millennials and tea connoisseurs have started to notice their local businesses restaurants and hotel resorts are delivering a unique taste in their mouth wanted them to plan for more. This has created a unique standing and following of Art of Tea Co. amongst other businesses. While delivering on our promise, threw our tea blends, we seek to increase both the experience of your customers; and your profits.


We meticulously curated each Tea blend design and packaging to uniquely represent the history, tradition, and culture from where the Tea is from in fresh modern young perspective. Tea is a common link between people and time, in pursuits of passing on the memories and experiences we enjoyed, we’ve experimented and painstakingly handcrafted an authentic Kashmiri Chai that is now synonymous with luxury and refinement with hotels and resorts alike.


Of all the warm drinks people enjoy, tea is in a class by itself for the aesthetics of the experience.

Drinking truly great tea is like reading the best poetry – it stays with you and you never really forget your first encounter.

Even years later, a sip of our Kashmiri chai recalls the first cup a customer ever drank, which we think is the mark of a high-quality, consistent product.

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